Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Pain and Greed

It has not been a good start to the week.  I am most ashamed of my poor behaviour on Sunday evening after the family had retired to bed.  Sadly I was tempted beyond all reason by the leftovers from the braai and I helped myself to liberal portions under cover of darkness.

I consumed chicken kebabs, steak and pork sausages, together with a large quantity of roasted vegetables.  Unfortunately, I knocked a dish from the table, causing Bella to come down and investigate what was going on.  I refused to share with her so she tackled the remains of the cherry and chocolate cake that had been left on the kitchen table.

Once satiated we both crawled up the stairs to bed.  Barney awoke with a start as we  landed, somewhat heavily I admit, in the middle of the bed.  When he found out what we had been up to, he told us we would be in terrible trouble when Mother arose in the morning.

Some hours later I felt a most unfortunate pressure to use the toilet facilities and was forced to shake Mother awake to let me out into the garden.  She does not like being woken during the hours of darkness and was not at all pleased with me.

Her displeasure increased when she went into the kitchen for a glass of water and saw the havoc Bella and myself had caused.  The floor was littered with splintered kebab sticks and several of the cupboards were smeared with the remains of the chocolate cake.

I was thoroughly chastised for my behaviour and told not to expect any sympathy for my unsettled insides.  I silently prayed that I would not be forced to wake the woman up again, as I fear her anger would know no bounds.

We were subjected to the silent treatment for most of Monday. Frankly I was not too worried about it as I was suffering from the effects of my over indulgence.  We snoozed most of the day, causing Sid and Cookie to enquire anxiously about our health.

Cookie was also in big trouble yesterday as she decided to help herself to the Kibble that is stored in the garage.  She was found with her snout in the bag and then dragged kicking and screaming into the garden where she was thoroughly chastised by her mother for her thieving habits!  No supper was to be provided for her last evening.

Preparations for the festive season are starting already.  The decorations have been pulled out of the garage and the tree is sitting expectantly by the front door awaiting to be adorned with the usual tinsel and baubles.

We are to host a large Christmas gathering next week, so the house must be ready and sparkling with lights by the time the first guest arrives.  We are to be assisted in our task by Piper and Ethel’s family this coming weekend.  I wonder if they know what they are in for, the day of the Christmas tree is always demanding on all involved.  They have been promised food and drink if they work hard!

There is no doubt the silly season is almost upon us…




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