Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Will Peace Ever Reign?

It has been the most chaotic of weeks, the garden ‘renos’ are still underway and Mother is starting to lose interest in the project.  I must admit for once I am in total agreement with her.  As I write this to the resounding tones of a jackhammer, a masonary drill and a sledgehammer.

We have resolved that no further renovations are to take place until well into the New Year. Personally I am voting for the woman spending her money on travelling in future.  Life is much more restful  when she is away!

Our normally peaceful morning stroll was rudely interrupted when an extremely large Jackrabbit hopped out of the bush right under Barney’s nose. He appeared so suddenly that Mother dropped our leads, allowing Barney to take off in hot pursuit.

Once Mother had sorted out the tangle of leads, paws and feet she started screaming at Barney to return to the fold immediately.  As we know, once he is on a mission nothing will stop him.  He was oblivious to everything except the floppy eared creature he was earnestly pursuing.

Watching him reminded me of the day my older brother Hershey met up with a giant kangaroo.  We had not long lived in the ‘Land Down Under’ when out for a walk one day we rounded a corner and there he was.  Hershey was in the process of relieving himself at the corner and was pretty vulnerable standing there mid stream on three legs!

The kangaroo leapt towards us, once again causing Mother to drop our restraints.  Hershey fell over in shock and I took off after the offending beast.  I was much younger and fitter in those days I might add.  In some ways Barney reminds me of myself in my youth!

Alas, neither Barney nor myself are a match for these Australian bush creatures.  Barney eventually returned completely exhausted.  He was cuffed around the ears as a sharp reminder that ‘she who must be obeyed’ was not impressed with his behaviour.

The house is beginning to take on quite a festive air.  We are to dress the christmas tree this afternoon.  Champagne and cakes have been purchased in readiness for the event.  We are to be joined by Piper’s family and there will be Kedgeree for supper.

We are having a most peaceful morning, free from any noise or interruption.  It is pouring with rain outside and none of us feels the need to rise from our extremely comfortable beds.  Mother says that sometimes it is good to be a sloth.

Peace finally reigns….

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