Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Festive Thoughts

It is indeed the holiday season, our grub has improved no end as Mother is catering large quantities for her endless social occasions.  We have dined on kedgeree, poached fish and some very tasty boiled ham in the last few days.  She can be a most generous when she is in the kitchen in full catering mode.

The house now resembles Santa’s Grotto, all that we are missing are the elves. I  would not be surprised if we have a few of them before the end of the week.  Each day the woman returns from the shops bearing all manner of festive items.

We have life size animatronic reindeer tastefully placed in each room of the house.  They nod cheerfully at you the whole day.  They must be exhausted by bedtime is all I can say!

I admit to being somewhat confused when moving around my home as I am constantly bombarded with snatches of christmas music played at random from the various stuffed animals that have appeared on what seems to be every available surface.

They all dance and wiggle at the slightest excuse, in a somewhat maniacal fashion I feel. Bella says that if we were kept in a box in the garage for most of the year we would also be singing and dancing when let out for the christmas period.

Mother has taken to wearing red and green flashing antlers wherever she goes.  These plus the addition of a pair of flashing musical earrings attracted the attention of ‘The Law’, last evening.

She was apparently stopped at a routine road block on her way home from Piper’s sisters Carol Concert.  After checking her licence and asking her to blow via a cardboard tube into a small machine, the traffic officer spoke to her most severely about the wearing of flashing head gear whilst driving.

Whilst this is not illegal (thankfully therefore not attracting any demerit points), it is apparently not encouraged on Queensland roads.  Fortunately, Mother remembered that the local police have no sense of humour and drove off without accusing him of lack of festive spirit.

We are preparing the house for our annual Christmas bash to be held this coming weekend.  Mother is whipping around the house like a whirling dervish, feather duster in hand.  To this end we were all sent to the Parlour yesterday for our Christmas clip.  There can be no smelly dog hairs in evidence on Saturday night!

Neither us nor any of our special friends are to be allowed to attend the event.  Personally I feel this is rather poor, but Mother refuses further discussion on the matter.  We are to be relegated to the bedroom for the evening with strict instructions not to disturb the festivities.

Bella has been volunteered to be a ‘Therapy Dog’.  She attended her first function this week and was apparently a resounding success.  It appears all that she has to do is sit around and look cute whilst people pat and cuddle her.

She is now sporting a pink neckerchief with the word ‘Princess’ on it.  Her head is so big she will soon have difficulty getting through the doors!  Barney told her anybody can sit around getting cuddles, he is quite miffed at not being invited to go along!

We are off for our early morning exercise….laters peeps.


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