Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Sad News

We were awoken this morning to the sad news of the passing of the Father of Our Nation.  It was not unexpected,  but none the less it was most unwelcome news.  Bella and Barney sympathised greatly with our loss, but of course they cannot understand the significance of the event.

We have watched the news throughout  the day. Mother and I have reminisced endlessly until finally Bella begged us to stop.  We are now flying the flag at half mast in the garden as a mark of respect.

We are all agreed as to how quickly sainthood can be conferred upon the dear departed. I am hopeful that the same will be true of all of us when our time comes.  Mother commented, a little unpleasantly I thought, it is better to be thought well of in life rather than death!

This thought being too deep for us canines we retired from the argument, leaving the woman to watch the endless tributes to the ‘Great Man’ on the TV.

I am pleased to report that the ‘meteorophoric event’ will have no influence upon our christmas party and that all is organised and under control.

We arose at dawn on Saturday to prepare for the party.  An early walk was promised but is yet to materialise.  Mother has been consulting endless lists, it is though she fears adverse comment if all is not perfect.

The big ‘switch on’ of the christmas lights was held last evening and all was pronounced satisfactory.  There is no severe weather predicted and even the wind has died down.  We are hopeful the ‘party god’ will look kindly upon the event.

Mother has very kindly purchased a large bone for each of us to nibble on whilst incarcerated in the bedroom area this evening.  We have been warned that wingeing and whining will not be tolerated!

Happily the outfit chosen for this evening has been pronounced satisfactory so there will be no last minute drama in the wardrobe department.  A visit to the hairdresser is planned, so the woman will be washed and brushed for the evening well before luncheon.

Barney begged her to change the channel on the TV before she goes out, as we are on at least the fifth re-run of the life of Nelson Mandela.  He pleaded to be able to watch his favourite cartoons. As we are apparently to be appeased the whole day his wish has been granted.

More tomorrow, we will be eavesdropping from the top of the stairs during the evening!






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