Diary of a SAFFA Dog – ‘Tis the Season…

I have been quite unwell for most of the week.  My over indulgence with the leftover party food has played havoc with my apparently delicate digestive system.  I have received no sympathy and thus have suffered silently in the main.

There have been some tasty treats on offer for supper most evenings, but the richness of the fare has been too much for me and I have only been able to down some lightly poached chicken with a little boiled rice.

The festive season is in full swing and Mother has declared us to be officially ‘on holiday’. We are looking forward to our visit to the Holiday Home on Friday, as Mother is off to visit our cousins in Indonesia.

The suitcase is being filled with all manner of exciting things. I hope that we shall also be sent away with our stockings filled with gifts to open on Christmas morning!

Bella has been hysterical most of the day as we have been on a ‘severe weather warning’ since lunchtime.  Despite being doped with ‘doggy valium’ she is still rushing about the place in a most hysterical fashion.

The predicted storms are yet to happen and Bella is anxiously asking Mother to check the weather radar every five minutes.  She really needs to get a grip on herself as I fear there are many more of these storms to come before the summer ends.

She says the waiting is the worst, I told her that if she lived in Joeys there would be no early earning, she would have to use her own radar to predict an extreme weather event.

We heard from Tiberius that they had a most exciting occurrence in Joeys on Saturday evening.  Their parents were hosting the annual Christmas party and were in the midst of a ‘severe weather event’ commonly known in Joeys as a ‘thunder storm’.

Suddenly the thatched home across the road received a direct lightning strike, causing the roof to ignite in a most ferocious manner. The guests rushed across the road to offer their assistance.  Pets and people were carried out of the home and suddenly the Joburg cousins found themselves being host to an assortment of furry friends.

The Emergency Services arrived most promptly, due I am told that some were in attendance at the Christmas party. Much praise was reigned upon the heads of the guests for their exceptional help.  Tiberius said that copious quantities of alcohol were subsequently consumed!

This story only added to Bella’s storm anxiety complex.  Now she is worrying that we will all be struck by lightning and suffer the same fate.  I pointed out to her that not only are thatched properties non existent on the Goldie, but that in fact neither do we live in one.

She is a worry wort without a doubt.  It is quite a relief when her pills finally kick in and she rolls over in to a sluggish lump of fur.  I am, however, worried she is becoming addicted to her medication but Mother says she doesn’t care as long as the frenetic barking ceases.

We are invited to a social event at the park tomorrow.  The Doodle cousins wish to meet us to convey seasons greetings.  Lets hope the weather event has passed by then.

‘Til tomorrow…









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