Diary of a SAFFA Dog – Off We Go…

We are awaiting the arrival of Uncle Nathan to take us to the Holiday Home.  We had a scrumptious breakfast of canned tuna, presumably to alleviate Mother’s conscience for sending us from home once again during the festive season.

However, as Barney pointed out, ‘beggars cannot be choosers’ and we all wolfed the delicacy down with the utmost grace and appreciation!

Mother has promised her usual postcards when she is away, but as we know she can be just the tiniest bit unreliable on this front.  We wish her a happy holiday with our cousins and look forward to hearing all their news on her return.

We have had several extra treats this week, including a visit to the park with the Doodle cousins.  This is the first time we have returned since being banned.  We skulked a little guiltily up to the gate and were pleased to see the park empty of other occupants.

Taking the opportunity, we roamed far and wide across the park and then, inevitably I fear, into the now infamous lily pond.  Despite the recent stormy weather the pond consistency has not improved and we frolicked joyfully in the thick, sticky, black mud.

Bella, who had quite forgotten to be prim and proper, emerged from the fetid water resembling a black and white minstrel.  Her pretty blond coat was covered in a nasty smelling blackness.  She was subject to some abuse for her disgusting state and was quite dejected for the rest of the morning.

The manure heap has most unfortunately been removed but has been replaced with large mountains of freshly smelling mulch.  We rolled with great pleasure in this, removing much of the dirt from the lily pond.  We all agreed it had been a most successful outing and hope to return again after the festive season.

We also had an outing with Barney’s best friend Molly.  She is quite a butch girl who thinks the sun shines from Barney’s posterior.  They did their usual ‘tough guy’ impressions all the way around the lake.  I don’t know why they bother, no one is taken in by it!

I write now in haste.  We are on our way!  Loaded into an extremely large van with an assortment of other mutts.  Barney immediately picked a fight with a rather bumptious boxer.

He was told off quite sharply by Uncle Nathan, who said he was not tolerating such behaviour in his automobile.  Barney slunk to the back of his cage ashamed at being in trouble so early in the visit.

Mother asked if  we would indeed be staying with Uncle Nathan in his home and not in the general kennel.  He most politely affirmed this, saying that the three of us were ‘important VIP’s’.  I could almost hear Mother thinking ‘ I should hope so the amount of money I spend there’!  Fortunately, she kept the thought to herself and we were waved off with many good wishes to enjoy our vacation.

More later when we hear from Indonesia…..






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