Dairy of a SAFFA Dog – Woofalicious Wuffins

No, I am not losing my mind , Mother came home last night bearing a paper bag containing treats, which, are apparently referred to as Wuffins!!  At first we thought that the consumption of her favourite beverage had been somewhat overdone and had affected her speech.  She took umbrage at this and quite huffily showed us the label on the package which did indeed indicate the product name as being ‘Furr Wuffins’. They certainly were ‘woofalicious’ and we quite forgave her for the oversight of omitting to bring us home a portion of our favourite coconut rice from ‘The Indian’.

It has been an up and down week as our group has floated in and out of favour with ‘she who must be obeyed’.  I must admit that neither Barney nor Bella has come out of the week at all well, their behaviour being somewhat less than perfect on several occasions.  Personally I have managed to stay out of trouble, as one would expect of a person of my advanced years!

The balloons have caused great havoc in the last few days, they are cloning up there I believe.  We are seeing them floating over in ever increasing numbers and this is driving my poor sister quite over the edge.  Our friend Ben told us he is having similar problems over at his place.  It is time to write to the balloon company again with our complaints about their behaviour!

Bella disgraced herself by killing one of our feathered friends and bringing it for Mother to see.  The chaos that ensued was beyond description.  The small creature was dropped into Mother’s morning coffee mug, causing her to drop it and cover herself with the hot steaming liquid.  The air was blue, I have never heard such language before in my admittedly, somewhat sheltered existence.

Bella was banished to the garden and told to stay out of sight for the forseeable future. As you know she is a somewhat delicate flower and I could see that her feelings had been hurt by the unexpected reaction to her gift.  I slunk out behind her and explained at length why she should choose a more appropriate present in the future.

Barney has also been in a fair amount of trouble, having stolen and consumed an entire cauliflower.  He is exceptionally fond of vegetables and simply could not resist the sight of the fresh produce lying unattended on the kitchen bench.  As often happens he was caught red handed finishing off his ‘greens’ and suffered a sore backside for his misdemeanour .

We have all been a little upset by the introduction of what is being referred to as ‘the barking collar’.  This small device is strapped around the neck and emits an electric shock if the wearer barks too long and loud.

Barney, who believes he has been unfairly singled out to wear this collar the most, has spent the week complaining and threatening to call the Animal Welfare people. I have told him it is a waste of a phone call and he better just stop making so much noise, I fear the postman has been complaining about his behaviour again!

The weekend beckons, we have turned back into a family of slobs for the day!





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