Nelson Mandela Capture Site Sculpture

The Mandela Capture Sculpture in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Nelson Mandela, was arrested on 5 August 1962 when travelling illegally from Durban to Johannesburg where he had met with the then ANC leader Albert Luthuli. Mandela was dressed in disguise as a driver when the police found him.He was then tried and convicted and sent to Robben Island.

The spot where the arrest occurred is on the R103, just 5km from Howick in KwaZulu Natal. This significant spot in South African history is now home to the Mandela Capture Monument.

The monument is a large sculpture that has been erected from 50 steel rods in varying lengths (between 5-10 metres in height). When you are looking at the sculpture from a certain angle the face of Nelson Mandela comes into focus.

Marco Cianfanelli, the artist who created this work, explains that the vertical rods reflect the prison bars of Mandela’s confinement, but you are able to walk through these bars and you experience bursts of light in between which is representative of the political uprising of the country.

Mandela 1

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